Childrens books on character building

Check out these books. They are great books to teach what TRUE friendship is and help you build a sweet, kind, caring class community. Note: Most of these books are geared more fo Kindergarten-Second grade.

Disclaimer: This is an Associate ad. I may receive a small commission from any sale at no extra cost to you.

Molly Lou has to start in a new school. A horrible bully picks on her on the very first day, but Molly Lou Melon knows just what to do about that.  Click here to buy

In My Friend is Sad, elephant Gerald is down in the dumps. Piggie is determined to cheer him up by dressing as a cowboy, a clown, and even a robot! But what does it take to make a sad elephant happy? The answer will make even pessimistic elephants smile.

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Edward has loads of toys but doesn’t share any of them with his little sister, Claire.

“They’re mine!”he says. That is, until one day when Edward finds himself in a predicament. With a little help from an unlikely ally, he learns that if he can share with others, they’ll share right back with him

Mike Reiss’s wickedly funny verse and David Catrow’s remarkable gift for comic illustration make this one book you’ll want to share—again and again! Click here to buy

Ruthie loves little things-the smaller the better. So when she finds a teeny tiny camera on the school playground one afternoon, she can hardly believe her luck. She wants to keep the camera in the worst way, but there’s one little problem: It isn’t hers.  Click here to buy

Listening with my heart reminds us of the importance of being friends to ourselves. It also touches on the universal themes of friendship, empathy and kindness. Includes mindfulness and self-compassion activities. Click here to buy

Help kids develop coping strategies to manage frustration and anger.

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8 stories help kids see why telling the truth is so important in developing their integrity, and earning respect.

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I retired from Elementary Education and now teach an online Masters Degree course in Literacy for pre-credential teacher candidates. I also supervise teacher candidates for two universities. I am a teacher, a mentor, and a writer. I collect resources from various sites and articles to assist my teacher candidates. I am happy to share them with teachers, students, homeschool parents. I will add to them routinely.

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