Below are just a few books I have found that get children interested in hearing a book read aloud. There are so many. Tap into their interests by selecting books that are age-appropriate. Inspiring children when they are very young to listen to stories and talk about them. It sets the stage for their success in school as well as discovering that books help us learn about people, places and ideas.

Little Critter books all have relatable stories with adorable illustrations to capture a child’s imagination. There are many in this fun series.

Ages 5-8

This book reminds us that we all have days when things don’t go they way we would like. This book comes with cards so your child can practice skills that lead to empowerment. Ages 7-10

Kids of all ages will be enchanted by Stroganoff, the mini-moxie who models good manners.

For ages 9-12 this true tale of orphaned otter pups comes from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Captivating true stories that include science and history.

Best for ages 8-12


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