Old Ramblings

A hummingbird landed in an old oak tree

It hovered awhile and was a sight to see

The tree knew the hummingbird could not stay

But enjoyed his presence and started to pray

God, let this hummingbird find peace in its flight

May it come to this old tree And bring it life.

© DW 1989

Magic Man

He said, “Give me your broken dreams, I am the Magic Man.”

I said, “I doubt that you can help me“

He just smiled and took my hand

I said, “Just what kind of magic do you have to end my fears?”

He said, “The same kind of magic that will wipe away your tears.”

I said, “ I have three hungry children and bills that are due.”

He said, “Lay your head on my shoulder, I am here to comfort you.”

I said, ”I just need to figure out a way and a plan

Magic is fun, but I don’t need another man.”

I’m older and I’m wiser, I’m grateful that I know

I can make my own magic and you, my friend, must go.”

© DW 1988

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Author: Caysunset

I retired from Elementary Education and now teach an online Masters Degree course in Literacy for pre-credential teacher candidates, and The Art and Craft of Teaching. I also supervise teacher candidates for two universities. I collect resources from various sites and articles to assist my teacher candidates. I am happy to share them with teachers, students, homeschool parents. I will add to them routinely.

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