Sickness Be Gone!

When Covid hit our home, it packed a wallop. I was in the hospital for 9 days hoping I could take a breath without an oxygen tank. I also got pneumonia. I think I will never take for granted the ability to walk to the bathroom and back to bed. It took months for me to regain the ability to care for myself.

Each morning I say “Sickness, be gone!” I pray more than I have in years. It felt good to turn off tv and pray instead. I am returning to the source of the air that we breathe. With faith I am proclaiming “Sickness be gone.”

Now my husband has Covid and he has a deep barking cough that continues, robbing him of more than a few hours of sleep at a time. He feels weak and has been to the emergency room twice. The second visit they sent him home with Paxlovid which he takes and hasn’t felt better yet, but we are hopeful.

Update: My husband is well now and we are grateful.

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Tips For New Teachers

I put together some tidbits of wisdom that I gathered as a teacher, as well as insights from mistakes I have made and learned from. I hope they are of value to you.

  1. Bring your best self to school. For many students school is a safe haven. Once in on a rainy day I ran over a dog on the way to school. Needless to say I was devastated, late and had mascara all over my face from crying.  I took the day off rather than try toTeach after such an awful experience.  The students need you to be completely present for them. 
  2. Build trust with the students, parents and staff. I have learned how important it is to have trust among those you work with on a daily basis. Keep confidential information to yourself. Another person’s life experiences are not your story to tell.
  3. Help students set goals. Not everyone will have the same goals. Model goal setting by sharing your own goals. I shared with my class that my goal was to read 40 books in one year. It inspired several students to do their own goal setting.
  4. Continue to develop professionally. Getting a teaching credential is a fantastic achievement, but keep growing by connecting to opportunities that enhance your craft. Here are some: Scholastic Khan Academy  Discovery lessons K-12  
  5.   Common Core resources      Printable resources                 Free Powerpoints for kids  Podcasts for teachers
  6. Decide what kind of classroom management you want. Be consistent, caring and fair. Read about Positive Discipline (Discipline teaches, punishment hurts) Decide if you want a reward system (points, stickers, small tokens) Time out area for stressed kids (helpful, not punitive) Time out for YOU (teacher time) Teach how to be peacekeepers. Be consistent, be fair. When issues arise, hold a Class Meeting to talk it out together.

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