Little Library

As retired teachers and avid readers, my husband and I decided that we would put up a little library so our neighbors can find a book, leave a book, and know that it is an option in our part of town.

I sit in front of my living room window and watch people walk their dogs, ride their bikes, or drive by in their golf cart or car. Originally the books were for adult readers (mysteries, thrillers, how-to books, politics and other topics that would not interest young readers. Often I see people stop and check out the offerings. It makes me wish it wasn’t so “little.”

The school bus stops in front of our house, and I thought about the children who might like a little library of their own. We put one up right next to the “grown up” library. If we knew enough carpentry, we could have built it ourselves, but we bought one on Amazon. My husband sunk it deeper into the ground so kids could reach it easily.

I have loads of children’s books that my grandchildren have outgrown. It is pure joy to see kids stop to pick out a book. One mom donated several books. Soon the children’s library was stuffed. We had to put out a plastic tub with a lid for the overflow. I truly hope it has inspired passersby to put up a little library in their own neighborhood.

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