Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

 A 2019 report confirmed that experiencing traumatic things as a child puts you at risk for lifelong health effects.

What do we mean by Adverse Childhood Experience?

Sexual abuse

Abuse (physical or mental)

Exposure to domestic abuse

Exposure to substance abuse

Mental illness, parental discord, crime

Death of parent

Imprisoned parent


Neurobiologic Effects of Trauma :  Disrupted neuro-development, Difficulty controlling anger-rage, Hallucinations, Depression,   Panic reactions, Anxiety, Multiple (6+) somatic problems, Sleep problems, Impaired memory, Flashbacks, Dissociation

Health Risk Behaviors : Smoking, Severe obesity, Physical inactivity, Suicide attempts, Alcoholism. Drug abuse, Repetition of original trauma, Self Injury ,Eating disorders

What Can a Teacher Do?

•Create a caring classroom

•Greet them when they enter

•Class Meetings- Compliments 

•Morning Message on the board

•Friendship Board- Messages of Encouragement

• Sprinkle Praise- Highlight Accomplishments

Convey that you care-get to know your students

If you suspect child abuse:

Tell your principal immediately

You are a mandated reporter- Call Child Protective Services 

Keep confidential notes in a safe place-date and time

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