Hide and Seek

Ever since my grandchildren, Kaia and Maverick were born I have played with them every opportunity I get. It is always something I enjoy. At each stage of their development I have tried to make our time happy and fun. We have danced in their living room, read loads of books, sorted seashells and made up songs and rhymes. It’s wonderful to see them run to me when I come to the door of their house. Sometimes I make up games, other times I pull from my memories of my classroom and things I did with my students. It’s always a joyful learning time. When they come to my house I like to let them create art and play with magnetic building sets. We also put on plays and make up songs.

One day while I was watching them I decided to try a game of Hide and Seek. it was a first and I wondered if they were old enough to get the hang of it, but decided to give it a go. It took several practice runs before we were all set to try it out. Maverick wanted to do whatever Kaia did. I said they could be a team. I was the “seeker.” They ran off while I counted loudly and slowly to 20. I could hear their little feet scampering to hide. Kaia whispered, “Follow me.” Maverick ran behind her. I could hear them trying to decide on different hiding places. 
I slowed my count as I heard Kaia say, “We should go in there. Grandma won’t find us.” I warned them that, “Ready or not, here I come.” First I went into their bedrooms making sure I raised my voice to say, “Well, they aren’t in here.” Then I checked the living room and kitchen dramatically repeating my frustration. I slowly came upon the cupboard they chose as a hiding place. You can see from the photo that they tried very hard to evade my search. They truly believed that covering their eyes meant that I could not see them. I tried to stifle a laugh. I love seeing then grow and learn. They are clever, creative and exploring is what they do best. So much fun to be had with these darling grandkids!

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