Early Morning Turtle Watching

Here are some of the best places to take your kids or grandkids to see sea turtles on the island of Kauai:

Poipu Beach — Great for kids because even waders can spot sea turtles hanging in the reef shallows while snorkelers can see them swimming in the clearer depths.

Kuhio Shores — Though a little rocky at the entrance to the water, the bay just east of Kuhio Shores is a favorite sea turtle hang out. Honu visit this spot year round to snack on the plants growing among the rocks.

Kipu Kai Beach — This beautiful crescent-shaped beach boasts clear waters ideal for seeing and swimming near sea turtles. Scenes from the movie The Descendants were filmed here.

Koloa Landing — Straight out in front of  Koloa Landing Resort is one of the best places to snorkel with sea turtles in Kauai. Guests can even grab snorkel gear from the resort or get hooked up with a local guide.

There are so many more, so get packing and have a memory-making time!


  • Always stay at least 10 to 15 feet away from a sea turtle. Do not chase, approach, touch, dance with, high five or ride a turtle. Fines can set you back $100,000. Not worth it — not to mention cruel.
  • If you would like to move closer to a turtle, float or swim as gently as possible. They are living, breathing creatures that deserve respect and care. Look, do not disturb.
  • Never attempt to feed a sea turtle — unless of course you are a rock covered in delicious algae. 
  • Avoid loud noises and abrupt movements which will startle these timid guys.
  • Do not pour water over a beached turtle or try to push it back into the ocean. (You’d be surprised what people attempt!)
  • Always give a sea turtle a clear path, taking care not to block their access to land or sea.
  • Avoid following a sea turtle out too far or you could find yourself in dangerous waters. 
  • If you encounter a sea turtle that is stranded, injured or in distress, report it immediately to a lifeguard.
  • Use a sunscreen that is friendly to marine life and reefs. Today, Hawaii now sells only environmentally sound sunscreen.

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