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  • Emergent Bilingual Students

    Effective Practices that Support Emergent Bilingual Students  Identify your students’ language backgrounds and Proficiency Levels (please see page 18 of the ELD Standards Framework)  Provide effective Integrated ELD and Designated ELD instruction  Use appropriate and planned scaffolds to support academic language development and content knowledge View SOE Module #6: Supporting Emergent Bilingual Students for more effective practices and strategies. Build Connections with Families  […]

  • What If?

    I teach an online course for future teachers in a master’s degree program. I was grading journal post last night when I read a student’s journal entry detailing her fears about interacting (or failure to interact) with parents. She was candid in describing possible scenarios. “What if a parent had a horrible school experience and […]

  • Scaffolding

    Always tap into a student’s prior knowledge, building on what they know. Help them make connections by using visuals, engaging in partner share, review previous lesson. Moving forward to new subject matter requires assessment to determine if there is a need to reteach. Know your students! Some can take leaps while others require review and […]