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I am a University Supervisor for Teacher Candidates and an Adjunct Professor in

K-12 Literacy. On occasion I write book reviews.

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I knew I would like this book when the author made reference to Dr. Victor Frankl’s book,

Man’s Search For Meaning. This book takes a candid look at the negative self talk and endless

bombardment of thoughts that often contribute to our emotional state. Even one negative

thought can morph into anger that manifests itself in unintended ways. There are so many wise,

life-changing statements in this book that you need one or two highlighters, and several bookmarks

so you can go back to the sections that resonate with you in order to embrace the guidance.

The author’s style is conversational, making it an easy read. This was my third book and most

important purchase of the new year thus far.

” With brooders, emotions become more powerful in the same way a hurricane does, circling and circling

and picking up more energy with each pass.” Susan David offers advice about “showing up,” learning to

tame negative thoughts, and practice self-compassion.

This truly remarkable book should be in everyone’s toolkit for

navigating life. I give it my highest endorsement: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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