More Early Literacy Resources

There are activities that don’t look like reading at all, but they set the stage for a child to become a reader. These pre-reading behaviors may appear spontaneously through a child’s own observation and mimicry or an adult can encourage them.Look for and encourage the following:

  • awareness of print on signs, labels, packaging, etc. Kids can know that a sign says “McDonald’s” before they can actually read the letters
  • sound manipulation games, think “Hannah Hannah banana, banana-fana, fo-fana, me-my-mo-mana, Hannah”
  • awareness  of rhyme
  • concepts about print – Does the child know which way is up on a book? Do they have a sense that the pages turn one at a time and always in the same direction? As you read, point to the words so they can see you are reading from left to right.
  • sound discrimination – “Max is eating a muffin. Mmmmax…mmmmuffin…. those start with the same sound.”
  • Teach sounds FIRST, then the letters that are associated with the sound.

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