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  • Children’s Books That Are Inclusive

    Children’s Books That Are Inclusive

    Children love books they can relate to. They need to see themselves represented in the pages. Books that present differences help students feel less alone, more connected. I have been carefully scrutinizing children’s books that lift children out of a sense of isolation. The following are books I highly recommend. I am not selling or […]

  • I Hope You Dance

    When I taught a Special Day Class there were children in my classroom with a variety of differences. I think back on my time with fondness and deep appreciation because I learned that growth is not always measured by a test. I learned so much about patience, acceptance, compassion and inclusion from my exceptional students. […]

  • Children’s Diverse Fairy Tales

  • Diversity in the Classroom

    A school culture that promotes diversity in the classroom teaches students something that’s important: how to live and work in a society where every individual is unique. Diversity in the classroom teaches students to appreciate different perspectives and draw stronger conclusions. Challenging students to consider different perspectives can also teach them how to interact with their peers on […]

  • Children’s Books on Diversity

    Our world is a tapestry and each of us contribute to the whole. These are books that celebrate our unique identities that are more alike than different.

  • Multi-cultural children’s books

    Teachers should carefully select books for their classroom that teach about other cultures. USE  The Horn Book Guide to identify the right books for your age group.  Click on the links to explore. Horn Book Guide Online       http://www.hornbookguide.com/cgi-bin/hbonline.pl   CCBC = Cooperative Children’s Book Center https://ccbc.education.wisc.edu/books/multicultural.asp These are a few samplings of my favorites: Favorites for Ages 2-5 Favorites […]