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  • Where Are They?

    This was my attempt at playing Hide and Seek with my grandkids. I have to give them credit for effort.

  • Thinking Out Loud

    Son of My Son I was still a teenager when I had my son. I had no idea how to raise a child. I only knew that holding him was the best feeling ever. I knew that loving him would be easy. I had the luxury of staying home and caring for him while his […]

  • Kayaking on the Bay

    Today was the perfect day to take out our kayaks. My son, daughter-in-law and grandkids joined us on this sunny day. I paddled with them out to dunes to let the kids explore the dunes. They are no strangers to the area as their home is very close to the bay. We were treated to […]

  • Quilts for Grandkids

    Quilts for Grandkids

    It gives me great joy to put my love into each quilt. They sleep under a blanket of love. I have a Babylock Spirit Embroidery Machine that I use for the designs. Post retirement activities. So fun.