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  • Anybody Home?

    Anybody Home?

    A child’s imagination is unlimited and should be encouraged and celebrated. Reading to children and asking questions like, “I wonder what will happen next,” allows them to construct their own scenarios. Children learn through repetition and exposure to a variety of experiences.  Books that become familiar are like the foundation of a house. Once a […]

  • Where Are They?

    This was my attempt at playing Hide and Seek with my grandkids. I have to give them credit for effort.

  • The Power of Books

    This happens to me all the time. Books ignite the imagination and take us on a journey. Here are some books I have read recently and recommend. 

  • Tea Time

    A child’s imagination is fueled by experiences. Play fosters all kinds of opportunities to engage in cooperative interaction. My granddaughter loves to make tea for me. She started when she was almost two. She would ask me if I wanted some tea, and I would reply that I would love it if she would add […]