Month: February 2022

  • Stop and Be Still

    I learn so much from my grandchildren. They teach me how to enjoy the moment. They teach me to be still and absorb sights and sounds that I have taken for granted. I have learned to see nature through their eyes. It fills me with optimism and hope that the new generation will not take […]

  • Oxygen

    I spent eight days in the hospital with covid and pneumonia. Despite being fully vaccinated, my age and being vulnerable with a pre-existing condition contributed to covid finding me. I found myself unable to breathe and completely exhausted. A trip to the emergency room resulted in my admission to an isolation room for covid patients. […]

  • Children’s Books That are Awesome

    I have been looking for children’s books that have a good message during these difficult times. I think I’ve found some winners. All about feelings and emotions This delightful story of persistence and self-acceptance highlights the value of practice, friendship, and a good attitude. 30 great breathing exercise to bring about calm and mindfulness. The book is about […]

  • Student Engagement

    Student engagement is a vital component in any classroom. Over the past year, remote learning has become a reality for most students around the world. As many students return to in-person learning, or any number of hybrid learning environments, here are some ideas to keep engagement rates high and help maintain student learning in any […]


    Why Build Rapport with Students? To create an environment that is safe and engaging for all learners:  Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport To create an inclusive Classroom Community: Mapping Your Heart – view this video to learn about Heart Mapping, invented by Georgia Heard, as one strategy to begin building an inclusive classroom […]

  • Emergent Bilingual Students

    Effective Practices that Support Emergent Bilingual Students  Identify your students’ language backgrounds and Proficiency Levels (please see page 18 of the ELD Standards Framework)  Provide effective Integrated ELD and Designated ELD instruction  Use appropriate and planned scaffolds to support academic language development and content knowledge View SOE Module #6: Supporting Emergent Bilingual Students for more effective practices and strategies. Build Connections with Families  […]