Student engagement is a vital component in any classroom. Over the past year, remote learning has become a reality for most students around the world. As many students return to in-person learning, or any number of hybrid learning environments, here are some ideas to keep engagement rates high and help maintain student learning in any environment.  

Virtual, In Person, & Hybrid Learning Environments

  • Organizing Content
  • Nearpod: Software to create lessons with informative and interactive assessment activities.
  • collect, organize and share any web content.  Create Web pages with texts, links, documents, videos, photos, presentations, etc.
  • Prezi: with a basic subscription and a profile that states you’re in Education, you get PreziNext and PreziVideo for free. Access to designer templates, millions of reusable presentations, etc.
  • Slidesmania: Free PowerPoint templates or Google Slides themes for education. You can find simple, formal and even fun templates.
  • Sutori:organize, plan and center  instruction. The collaborative nature and ease of use makes Sutori the perfect companion for student and teacher presentations.
  • Symbaloo:  is a cloud-based application that allows users to organize and categorize web links in the form of buttons, offering its PRO version to all educators at no cost.
  • Creating Digital Lessons

EdPuzzle: Video lesson creation software with lots of usable content.

Kahoot: A game-based learning platform that brings engagement and fun to players at school, at work, and at home.

Pear Deck: Facilitates the design of engaging instructional content with various integration features.

Squigl : Content creation platform that transforms speech or text into animated videos.

  • Management and Brain Breaks

Go Noodle – GoNoodle is a fun website with a variety of brain breaks and indoor PE fun right in one place!

Whole Brain TeachingThe teacher breaks up information into short chunks, using large hand gestures, varying the intonation of her voice by speaking loudly and then softly, quickly then slowly. The greater the variance, the more likely students are to recall and use the information. It activates various parts of the brain, locking information into long-term storage. 

Class Dojo – Encouraging and supportive behavior management device.  Teachers can encourage and support students for any skill or value — whether it’s working hard, helping others, staying on task, etc. 

Additional Resources