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  • Childrens books for science lovers

    Childrens books for science lovers

    These are great books for budding scientists. Children are fascinated by animals and nature. Nurture and celebrate their curiosity through books that give them information and new vocabulary. The following are great for inquisitive minds. One of the most interesting books I have seen to inspire budding scientists. Another outstanding book to pique the interest […]

  • Anybody Home?

    Anybody Home?

    A child’s imagination is unlimited and should be encouraged and celebrated. Reading to children and asking questions like, “I wonder what will happen next,” allows them to construct their own scenarios. Children learn through repetition and exposure to a variety of experiences.  Books that become familiar are like the foundation of a house. Once a […]

  • The Power of Books

    The Power of Books

    Begin your collection of children’s books. Make sure you check out your local library book sales, thrift stores, yard sales, online sources.

  • Relaxing

  • Grow Your Mind

    Ever since I was a child I have loved books. I found the joy of traveling in my mind to exotic places where I could experience adventure, and become someone else. I could be a scientist, an explorer, a hero or a villain. Each book brought new possibilities. Everywhere I went I would be sure […]

  • Children’s Books on Diversity

    Our world is a tapestry and each of us contribute to the whole. These are books that celebrate our unique identities that are more alike than different.

  • The Power of Books

    This happens to me all the time. Books ignite the imagination and take us on a journey. Here are some books I have read recently and recommend. 

  • Books Anyone?

    If you are like many people today you use your cell phone, Ipad or laptop to get updates on news and happenings. I encourage you to make time for reading a book instead. The benefits are worthy of your time and attention. You have heard the phrase, “Use it or lose it.” Well, it applies […]

  • Free Little Library

    I’ve wanted a free library ever since I saw one a few years ago. It was conveniently placed in a yard near the entrance to the beach parking lot near my home. It inspired me to investigate the cost of making one. Inside that little library there were a variety of paperbacks and several children’s […]

  • I Am a Book Lover

    I have been reading more in the last 14 months than I ever have. Being the owner of at least fifty books that been collecting dust, I kept promising myself I would use the pandemic as an opportunity to catch up on my reading. I am glad to report that I completed almost every book. […]