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  • Saying Goodbye to Future Teachers

    I have been an online instructor for a university for almost seven years. Each term I change my course based on what I feel would enhance the learning for my students. I learn so much from them. I love sharing my experiences and insights. This last term I decided to try a new course. I […]

  • Active Engagement Strategy

    Use Think-Pair-Share at any point in the lesson to structure meaningful conversation: •Before introducing new material to tap into prior knowledge •After watching a film clip to gauge a reaction •After reading a short text to begin a discussion •Before students begin an assignment, such as an essay or a set of word problems, to […]

  • Welcoming The New

    For six years I have taught an online course for a university. I enjoy staying connected to education by instructing teachers who are earning a Master’s Degree. So far I have only taught one course on Literacy and Reading and enjoy it very much. Today I was asked to teach an additional course on The […]

  • Connect With Students

    We all know when someone cares about us. Students come to school hoping they will be liked and accepted. A teacher that takes the time to know each student creates a solid foundation of trust. Learning is often connected to experiences and emotions. When a child feels secure, learning can move into long term memory. […]

  • Quick Check for Understanding

    After you teach a lesson, even a mini-lesson, always make sure you scan your group to insure they have a clear understanding of what you have taught. Moving on without a check does a disservice to students. Form a small group to reteach the lesson. The hand method is a good visual that goes a […]