Neighborhood Library box

I am a book lover. I wish I had a library next door. My dream is to someday own a bookstore, or work in one. While driving in my golf cart I passed by a little library box next to the parking lot for the beach. I had to take a look. Some thoughtful person, probably the creator of this mini-library, placed books that would appeal to all interests. There were several children’s books too. I also noticed a knitted scarf that was either found in the sand or placed for someone who might be in need of warmth. I asked my retired husband if he would consider building a library box for our block. I am not sure if he nodded to quiet me or if he will build one, but either way, I found some plans online. Hopefully it will be a place where fellow book lovers will find a book that appeals to them. My other hope is that it will be inspiration to others to make their own neighborhood library box.

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