Month: February 2021

  • Emotional Agility

    I knew I would love this book when the author made reference to Dr. Victor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search For Meaning. This book takes a candid look at the negative self talk and endless bombardment of thoughts that contribute to our emotional state.  We can choose to tackle or tame them.  Even one negative thought can morph […]

  • Multi-cultural children’s books

    Teachers should carefully select books for their classroom that teach about other cultures. USE  The Horn Book Guide to identify the right books for your age group.  Click on the links to explore. Horn Book Guide Online   CCBC = Cooperative Children’s Book Center These are a few samplings of my favorites: Favorites for Ages 2-5 Favorites […]

  • Neighborhood Library box

    I am a book lover. I wish I had a library next door. My dream is to someday own a bookstore, or work in one. While driving in my golf cart I passed by a little library box next to the parking lot for the beach. I had to take a look. Some thoughtful person, […]

  • Teaching Vocabulary

    •Students must learn 3,000 words per year by 3rd grade. •Only 400 words a year are directly taught by teachers. •Academic demands are high •Everyday speech consists of only 5,000- 7,000 words.  The books that young children are able to read are intended to help them practice their reading skills rather than build their vocabulary. While we can […]

  • Reading FLUENCY

    Repeated readings help students with fluently. Make 2 copies of a page of text . Put them in clear plastic sleeves. Set timer for one minute. Go over errors. •Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately, quickly, and with expression •A fluent reader reads smoothly and is interesting to listen to. Ways to Foster […]

  • My English roses

    When my daughter asked me if she could be a summer camp counselor in the hills of Santa Cruz, at first I said no. The distance from our house to the camp was too far and I was not keen on letting her go by herself. She approached me again, this time she had a […]