Childrens books on bravery

These books are great for teaching bravery and courage in adversity. As part of an affiliate program I may receive a small commission. Thank you for looking.

 I Will Be Fierce is a powerful picture book about courage, confidence, kindness, and finding the extraordinary in everyday moments. Click here to buy

“Right Now, I Am Brave” is a mindfully written self-help guide to aid children with facing their fears and living bravely during uncertain times. Click here to buy

 This is a book to inspire young readers to embrace their inner light–no matter what they’re facing–and to be brave.

Click here to buy

 You might think of super hero when you hear COURAGE, but all of us can do small and big acts of COURAGE everyday! 

Click here to buy

The best book for teaching kindness and confronting bullying.

Click here t buy

 What Makes Me Brave? will teach your child about the need to feel brave, even when they feel frightened and alone.

Click here to buy

The perfect tool to teach children how to respond to bullies. I Can Stand Up to Bullies provides parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers the opportunity to speak with children about this important topic. Click to buy

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I retired from Elementary Education and now teach an online Masters Degree course in Literacy for pre-credential teacher candidates. I also supervise teacher candidates for two universities. I am a teacher, a mentor, and a writer. I collect resources from various sites and articles to assist my teacher candidates. I am happy to share them with teachers, students, homeschool parents. I will add to them routinely.

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