There have been so many times of uncertainty caused by the global pandemic. Times when it was hard to plan for the future, or even tomorrow. One thing I told myself again and again, ” I will follow guidelines, and I will not put myself or others in danger.” I also worried if I would be able to see love ones, continue my work, plan anything at all. The dread was consuming. I wanted a way to release myself from fear that had a stronghold on me.

l focused on what was important to me. I examined my values. I read books that guided me to align my actions with what would best serve me. Keeping a journal was a valuable tool to chronicle current events as well as my responses to them. I could feel the transformation from hopelessness to resilience. I learned my own strength.

Even five minutes of focusing on a positive affirmation while being mindful of my breathing helped me stay in the moment instead of holding onto beliefs that are in opposition to the kind of life I want. Freedom from fear is not only possible, it is for each of us to choose, work toward and enjoy. I wish you all the very best.

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