True. Make your moments good ones.

I have had lots of time to reflect. The urge to get away to faraway lands is stronger than ever. I remember being asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up. I always answered, “an airline stewardess.” I wanted to see the world. My life took another direction and I became a teacher. The traveling I have done has largely been a result of my daughter living in the UK. My son-in-law has arranged trips to France, Italy, Spain and Netherlands. The memories of those places are sealed in my heart.

When I got to see the opera Carmen in Verona, I was awestruck by the sheer majesty of the arena. We were huddled together in the rain as the performers sought shelter, then came out just as the rain stopped. It was a memory I will treasure forever.

Venice was magical and also a bit sad. The ocean is rising and many of the first floor buildings are under water now. Our gondola host shared his experiences having to duck to get under the overhangs. He pointed out apartments that are now submerged.

A trip to France to see the shrine at Lourdes was at the top of my bucket list. I waited with other believers to get into the baths. The water from the natural spring is said to heal. The real healing for me was within, not visible. I noticed that there were people with far greater needs than myself. As dramatic as it sounds, when I got out of the bath, I was immediately dry. I will always be grateful for the emotional transformation that took place in that holy place.

In Spain I walked around Barcelona admiring the Gaudi House, and the beauty of the city. The best way to learn about an area is to walk around and talk to people. We decided to go into a grocery store, buy food for lunch and sit out by a dock to enjoy a meal together.

I visited North Wales recently to see my family. It remains one of my favorite places. I have seen Snowdonia and now want to return to see how many more waterfalls I can find.

I am making a list of places I want to see. Life is just too short, but I plan to make sure I find a way to see some of them.


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