From This….
To This

When I was a little girl I wanted to be an airline stewardess (that’s what they were called back then). I had dreams of seeing the world, living in fancy hotels, and wearing a cute uniform. Sometimes things are not as glamourous as the seem. As an adult I learned that getting an education would be a better choice and lead to a career, not just a job. I started my educational journey slowly by taking a few classes at the community college. I was intimidated and fearful that I would not be able to overcome my long held hatred of math. A wonderful teacher with patience and a gentle way of infusing laughter into his lessons helped me pass many tests (Thank you, Mr. Longshore). He undid the damage done by my 7th grade teacher who told me, ” You know Blondie, don’t ever go into anything that has to do with math or thinking.” A speech teacher helped me overcome anxiety about speaking up. She encouraged me to get up in front of the class and do a role reversal with my son (Thank you, Margie Milroy). 
From that community college experience I went on to CSUSB and took classes in Liberal Studies in preparation for a teaching credential. I learned how quickly a quarter can fly by. I worked hard to get through classes, and received my Bachelor’s degree. Thank goodness for Chapman University opening a satellite campus close to my home so I didn’t have to drive Cajon Pass anymore. I remember carpooling with a friend when her brakes went out and we had to take the runaway truck ramp. With pain, sweat, tears, and a fear of downhill driving, I earned a teaching credential. The greatest achievement in this whole journey was earning a Masters degree from Cal Poly and another credential in Special Education. I would have pursued a doctorate but after paying off student loans, I decided that I would rather spend money on my beautiful grandchildren and traveling. It is never too late to change course and go after a dream.

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