The farthest I have ever traveled was to Zurich, Switzerland. Unfortunately, it was not planned. Nor was I able to actually see Switzerland. I was traveling to England to see my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughters. There was a blizzard and my plane was re-routed to Zurich. When I arrived in the airport, it was packed with people sleeping on blankets on the floor. Apparently, my flight was one of many that had to land in Zurich. I was overcome with anxiety. The feeling of helplessness was terrifying. I learned how dependent I am on my husband and family members to help me navigate unknowns. I wanted to call my daughter Katie to let her know I was stranded at Zurich Airport, but there were long lines at the phones. I started to cry. A girl in a shop saw me and left her post to come calm me. She introduced herself as ‘Renata’ and said I reminded her of her mother. She asked me if I was okay. She listened to my situation as I sobbed, and she immediately got someone to cover her work while she escorted me to handicapped assistance. There she spoke to a man in what I think was German. She had him arrange for me to be picked up by a taxi and taken to a hotel. The cab driver dropped me off and I went to the hotel desk. They informed me that they had no empty rooms! More sobbing. The man at the desk said he would call the night manager. I was given a room on the third floor. What I did not know is that Renata called my daughter to reassure her that I was okay. I got three hours of sleep and a driver picked me up to take to to the airport. I made it safely to England, thanks to an angel called Renata. She even called again to see if I arrived safely. Someday I want to really SEE Zurich and maybe I will find Renata to thank her properly. If she really is an angel, she already knows how grateful I am.



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