My English roses

When my daughter asked me if she could be a summer camp counselor in the hills of Santa Cruz, at first I said no. The distance from our house to the camp was too far and I was not keen on letting her go by herself. She approached me again, this time she had a plan to recruit her brother who was in college. I relented because her brother could watch over her and that seemed like a good bonding time for the two of them. My daughter, Katie, met a young medical student, Steven, from England who was curious about California and looking for a summer adventure. That summer Katie and Steven fell in love. Then my daughter decided to go to college in England. She and Steven married and began their busy professional lives. Katie gave birth to my granddaughter on a snowy January. Then four years later she had another daughter in the summer. I travel to see My English Roses as often as I can. When the pandemic is over and it’s safe to travel, we all plan to have a grand reunion. Every day I give thanks for FaceTime so I can see their beautiful faces and stay connected. I miss my loved ones across “the pond.”

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