When Life Gives You Scraps…..

My sewing room is my happy place. It serves as my craft room as well as my office. It’s cooler downstairs, so on hot summer days I often go to my sewing/craft/office to relax. I am an avid follower of crafty blogs that repurpose fabric and findings to make interesting objects of beauty.

My most recent venture into craftiness is fabric-wrapped rope baskets and rugs. I decided to try my hand at it and if you don’t look too closely at the stitching, it came out pretty nice. There is something oddly meditative in wrapping fabric around rope and creating a unique design (even if you have no idea what to do with it). I started with a small bowl that I almost threw away, but thought I’d keep it to remind me that beginnings are often messy and imperfect. With practice, patience and time on my hands I have learned quite a bit. The kind ladies in my online group are truly inspirational. No negative comments to take the wind out of my sails, just encouragement. They are my kind of people.

Who couldn’t use a bit of quiet time while creating something unique? My scrap bins are thinning out and I am currently finishing up placemats for my daughter.


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