Category: Literacy Resources and Children’s Books

  • Multi-cultural children’s books

    Teachers should carefully select books for their classroom that teach about other cultures. USE  The Horn Book Guide to identify the right books for your age group.  Click on the links to explore. Horn Book Guide Online   CCBC = Cooperative Children’s Book Center These are a few samplings of my favorites: Favorites for Ages 2-5 Favorites […]

  • Teaching Vocabulary

    •Students must learn 3,000 words per year by 3rd grade. •Only 400 words a year are directly taught by teachers. •Academic demands are high •Everyday speech consists of only 5,000- 7,000 words.  The books that young children are able to read are intended to help them practice their reading skills rather than build their vocabulary. While we can […]

  • Reading FLUENCY

    Repeated readings help students with fluently. Make 2 copies of a page of text . Put them in clear plastic sleeves. Set timer for one minute. Go over errors. •Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately, quickly, and with expression •A fluent reader reads smoothly and is interesting to listen to. Ways to Foster […]

  • Early Literacy Resources

    Check out this video to help your child with phonemic awareness. Many struggling readers lack knowledge of sounds (phonemic awareness). Children have better success with phonics once they have experience with phonemic awareness.  Phonemic awareness may be the component that will help fill that gap.  Children must be able to segment words into individual sounds […]

  • The Joy of Read Alouds

    Children that are read to learn that symbols on the page hold meaning. They learn to hold a book, care for a book, how to read from left to right, and how to turn pages. Most importantly they associate books with pleasure. For struggling readers the anxiety of having to decode is eliminated. They can […]