Resources for Early Literacy

I teach an online course in literacy for teacher in the credential program. I will be posting resources that may help parents, teachers, paraeducators, and student teachers. Please let me know if you need a particular resource.

The following resources will reinforce phonemic awareness (knowledge of sounds). Most struggling readers lack sound awareness. They may be able to recite the alphabet, but not the associated sounds. For some students jumping into phonics is confusing as it involves two skills. I advice teaching sounds first. “I Spy” is a great game to engage early literacy: “I spy something with that begins with the “b” sound. Make the sound, do not say the letter.

Sound Boxes

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Free Elkonin boxes (sound boxes)

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picture sorts

This can be changed by creating a template on your computer and using clipart to features target sounds.

If you have a specific question about phonological awareness and need resources,
I may be able to assist.

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