A Man And his dog

I have to confess that I am a little bit jealous of our dog, Max. He visits the salon more than I ever have.
He is a rescued Great Pyrenees who stole my husband’s heart with his sad eyes and beautiful white fur as he sat in a too-small cage at the animal shelter. Max ate our spa cover, the legs on my rocking chair and a hearty piece of our coffee table. He even got a few pieces of my Ugg boots. My husband made sure he attended training (for him , not so much for Max).  They are the best of friends. They go for walks in the early morning and again at sunset.  Our den is now Max’s room. Who gives an entire bedroom to a dog?! Have you ever smelled a Great Pyrenees who has been in the rain? I truly believe it only took one time of being near Max after a rain for him to have his own room. If I buy a white fur coat and look at my husband with sad eyes, I wonder if I can get a SheShed?

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I Miss You, Mom

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Hide and Seek

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